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Clinics with Toni Donnelly – “Art of Seeing a Stride”

“Art of Seeing a Stride”
Clinics with Toni Donnelly

Tuesday 14th April
Tuesday 28th April
Tuesday 5th May
Tuesday 19th May
Tuesday 2nd June
Tuesday 9th June

7pm & 8pm time slots

First two weeks are focussing on the importance of flat with gymnastic exercises to improve on impulsion, straightness and collection. Week 3,4,5 the use of grid work, related distances and course completion. Week 6, option of Working […]

Available for hire

I can hear the rumbles of thunder all around but the sun is shining on the arena …….available to hire, just contact Gillian on 07849106453 […]

Help needed

Poor Sylvester is suffering from hay fever at the moment – lots of head shaking and rubbing his nose. I’ve been looking for products that may help his allergy but just wondered has anybody ever had to use these products? I.e do they work? And if so any recommendations on which product to use? […]